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Geoservex company

since 1978

The company GEOSERVEX was created by transformation of Special Surveys Enterprise – group of specialists working together since 1978, led by Ph.D. Bolesław Krystowczyk. In 1983 Bolesław Krystowczyk, as the first in the world, developed and implemented the technology of kiln alignment in dynamic conditions (during normal operation).

Since then the term Hot Kiln Alignment was added to the global technical dictionary (see our publications). The method was patented and used in many countries of the world as part of services rendered by our company.

Since 1991 the company’s management has focused on modernity, equipment and highly specialized staff. The consistently realized policy of investments and staff training has placed the company among leaders in the industry. We presently use highest quality measurement and computer equipment, most of employed personnel are engineers – mostly graduates of the Warsaw University of Technology, with which we have the pleasure of maintaining scientific and technical relationships.
We are the authors of numerous publications, technical and business prize-winners, and the members of significant organizations, such as: POLISH ENGINEERING ASSOCIATION and POLISH ACADEMY OF SCIENCES.


Zbigniew Krystowczyk, the owner, manager and engineer, about himself and his strategy for Geoservex:

„In 2016 I took over the Geoservex, after many years of work for the Company. I started my career at the lowest level of hierarchy. I have been a surveyor, a service engineer, a team leader, the Export Group Manager and then finally the Managing Director. The ten years worth of experience gained while field-working, personally providing services and working with kiln maintenance engineers influenced my forthcoming decisions and the strategy I chose for the company. I decided to equal to the best in this line of business (which I hope we have already achieved) and focus exclusively on the value-added effect to our clients coming from the service we provide. Hence, we purposely do not bind to any components and upgrade manufacturer – we wish to stay transparent and impartial with our opinions, recommendations and decisions. Our motto: alignment, adjustment, balancing is truly what we believe in because we are able to improve kiln work at relatively small expense which generates savings to our clients. This is what we have been doing for the past forty years and what constantly gains us new customers. For me this is the best proof that we do things right and we head in the right direction.”

Zbigniew Krystowczyk