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Technology Transfer

Our unique hot kiln alignment technology has been used almost everywhere in the world, as evidenced by our references. We provide services on the global scale and this is our core business. However, in certain justified circumstances, we also provide all ready-to-use hot-kiln alignemnt technology including the supply of hardware, software, staff training and effective implementation of production technology. This process takes many months and requires close cooperation with the recipient to be effectively implemented.

We successfully completed technology transfer three times, to India (NCB India), Russia (Mosintrast Moscow) and recently to China (Conch Cement). In all these cases, the justification for implementing the technology was the huge demand for this type of services on the local market and the desire to become independent from external suppliers, including OEMs.

We are currently the only company in the world that offers a comprehensive solution for the delivery of Hot Kiln Alignment technology, from tooling to training and implementation. We are also the only company on the market that can boast of an effective implementation of this technology for its clients. We are looking for new business partners.